Second Token is EgonSwap Token

22nd September 2021

EgonSwap (EGON) is the native token for the exchange for the Eagle Network mining community to buy/sell Eagle Network Token (EAN). Miners will directly mine Eagle Network Token (EAN) from the mining app.

Unique DEX Token - EgonSwap

Eagle EgonSwap is all about offering Defi, Crypto Trading, Swap, Stake, Liquidity Pool, Crypto Farming, Crypto Lottery, Launchpad, Native Token, Governance Token, Crypto Passive Income. All in a decentralized way using Binance Smart Chain Blockchain.

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With the coming of EagleToken and native EgonSwap token which will power the wallet app, swap, stake, and liquidity pool, members must follow up so no one misses out on this opportunity.

Did you miss out on pancakeswap (CAKE) and UNISWAP (UNI)? Well now is the time to take position from the very beginning of another DEX exchange for future benefits. 

EgonSwap is powered by the mining community of Eagle Network! 1.5+ people coming together to mine crypto right on the mobile phone!

What Is EgonSwap DEX?
EgonSwap is Decentralized Exchange (DEX). Dex exchange is an automated market maker. This is a type of exchange that offers various pairs of tokens to trade. Prices are set using mathematical formulas, and transactions occur using smart contracts. For this to work, the exchange has liquidity pools. Liquidity is crypto funds added into the dex exchange by public members who earn trading fees and can later remove funds at any time.

An example is Pancakeswap and Uniswap. Both have native dex tokens called CAKE and UNI. Let’s see what benefits can be arrived at by starting from the beginning of the EgonSwap DEX launch. What will be the value in time?

 EgonSwap Token  2 - 5 years from now?

Low Price - $0.0125
Price - $1.65
Gain: 13,333+%
Profit 133 times

Low Price - $0.25
Price - $6
Gain: 2450+%
Profit 24 times

Low Price - $0.0075
Price - $1.9
Gain: 25,160+%
Profit 250 times

Low Price - $0.11
Price - $1.8
Gain: 1,470+%
Profit 14 times

Low Price - $0.4
Price - $22
Gain: 5,322+%
Profit 50 times

Low Price - $0.19
Price - $19
Gain: 9,700+%
Profit 100 times

Low Price - $0.1
Price - $?
Gain: ?%
Profit ? times

None of these above Dex started with a huge million+ mining community like Eagle Network powered EgonSwap DEX! Surely long-time holders and supporters of EagleToken and EgonSwap token will benefit in a very unique way with patience.

Eagle Network EgonSwap DEX
 EgonSwap exchange is a community-driven decentralized crypto exchange designed for community growth and powered by the community. 1.5+ Million mining community of like-minded trailblazers supporting a better future never seen before in crypto history.

What Makes EgonSwap Unique?

1.5 Million Mining Community
EgonSwap will power the decentralized crypto wallet CryptoKara for the Eagle Network Mobile Mining Community of more than 1.5 million people worldwide.

Unique Reflective DEX Token
Another strategic factor for EgonSwap is that the native Token is implemented as the “Reflective Token” for the Eagle Mining Network token. This reflective reward action of the EgonSwap token means that everyone's buy and sell order been made on the mining app triggers a “buy” order for EgonSwap Token. This setup is unique in the crypto space, and no DEX exchange has this innovative buy pressure point for its native token. Just imagine it - thousands of transactions by Eagle Network miners sell/buy also buys EgonSwap token and gives it as Rewards! No other Dex has this tokenomics!

All transactions (buy/sell) on Eagle Network token (EAN) buys EgonSwap (EGON) token from the market and reward EagleToken holders.
You hold the EagleToken you get rewarded with EgonSwap token
EgonSwap token is much more valuable than Eagle Network Token.
Both Eagle Network token and EgonSwap token will start with very low price.
Price will only increase with time and community support.
Community support is to HOLD your EagleToken and EgonSwap token.
The buy pressure for EgonSwap token are transaction on EagleToken.
You sell or buy Eagle Network Token the smart contract buys EgonSwap token and reward EagleToken holders.

Both Eagle Network Token (EAN) and EgonSwap Token (EGON) is designed for long time holders benefit.

How To Increase for Profit
With Eagle Dex - EgonSwap, you can earn more crypto for staking your EagleToken, Dex token, and other cryptos on the Dex exchange!

You only need to stake your crypto and add Liquidity and earn for life as long as you like. You can unstake and remove Liquidity anytime. This is a decentralized exchange and is already audited by an auditing company with the full passed report. More audits will be done!

Liquidity Locked for Three Years
The Eagle Network core team would be locking up the initial Liquidity for 3 years using a decentralized liquidity locker. This makes sure that users can sell/buy at any time.

This is for the Eagle Network core team. 
It means that the core team will personally add some specific Crypto amounts into the EgonSwap Dex and not remove it for next 3 years. Even if they want to remove it they cannot because it is locked by a smart contract for 3 years. This liquidity from the core team can be seen live in the smart contract and blockchain.
This shows dedication to the project.

Audited EgonSwap DEX and CryptoKara Wallet
CryptoKara Wallet App ensures safety with military-grade encryption, and the EgonSwap Dex is fully audited with a pass report! Please see the audit report on the EgonSwap Dex.

From the above integrated dynamics, and community support, we can only guess the benefits of this massive tokenomics. This is the first implementation and support layer for DEX exchange in existence yet.

The Eagle Network Community is the BEST!

It is essential to acknowledge that only long-time holders and supporters will benefit, as Eagle Network, Eagle Network Token, CryptoKara and Eagle EgonSwap DEX is not a get rich fast platform.

Eagle Network Team

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