A user of the Eagle Network mobile app who is simply confirming that they are not a “robot” on a daily basis. This user validates their presence every day as they must open the app every 24 hours to be able to continue earning Eagle for free. A Miner can earn the base rate of 1 Eagle per hour, which cut down to 24 Eagle every single day for dedicated miners. Miners will be able to withdraw partner tokens deployed on the Eagle Network own native blockchain. By logging into application every 24 hours and clicking the mining button, users are participating in the gamified experience. Unlike mining companies, you do not need a vast amount of energy to mine Eagle on your Smartphone, as you will automatically earn hourly mining rate after clicking the mining button. Each mining session will automatically end after 24 hours, and all you have to do is open the application and click the mining button again to keep earning.


A Keeper of the Eagle mobile app is that miner who is actively introducing other users into Eagle network. The value of Eagle increases as the community grows larger. This will be very crucial on later updates of the app where members conduct transactions of goods and services with earned Eagle after withdrawals.. A keeper can refer new miners to join their earning team. For each active member in your team, you will earn an extra 10% base rate as your recommendation bonus. If you have 5 members in your earning team and all of them are actively mining, you will earn an extra 12 Eagle each hour. Therefore, the key to earning more Eagle is to invite more new miners to join your mining team and remind them to login daily for mining activation.


Miners will be able to withdrawal mined Eagle as EGON-INU which will be active after EgonCoin Blockchain is released.

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