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Free Mining Solution

Eagle Network has developed the world’s most innovative mobile mining solution. We are giving anyone the opportunity to mine a coin with a mobile phone. We have developed advanced communication and break-through platform. Altogether what we have to offer is a high-tech solution using blockchain technology. Our platform is designed to disrupt the cryptocurrency industry as we make mining possible in the most cost-saving and energy-saving way.


The idea for a true peer-to-peer and decentralized electronic cash system was initiated on October 31, 2008, by Satoshi Nakamoto, who is renowned as the creator of the internet of money. He released the Bitcoin whitepaper, which triggered a revolution in people’s minds about the nature of financial transactions and the open possibilities of reforming the way people trade. Currently, Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency with over a million users. Other popular cryptocurrencies include Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and Dash, which have been taking over the financial world.

Many people are investing in the cryptocurrency market daily. The whole ecosystem expands exponentially as more and more people are becoming cryptocurrency investors, traders, or miners every day. With every increase in value that Bitcoin makes and with every new billion the crypto markets draw in, the electronic coins become harder to resist. 

The accelerated development witnessed in the industry is sustained and secured based on a purely technical, infrastructural standpoint, mainly by the proof-of-work blockchain protocols, such as those underpinning Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Proof-of-work protocols will always require miners to perform the work and secure the network, and miners will always need to be incentivized to apply themselves and their resources.

Over the past few years, cryptocurrency mining has generated some impressive fortunes for a number of people who took advantage of it at the right time and never looked back, and also for those who were resilient and dedicated to face the more challenging moments. However, life for amateur miners has not been challenging.  

We know that cryptocurrency mining can be very profitable if done right with the correct mindset. In fact, mining is a safe way of investing in cryptocurrencies alongside balancing and diversifying a crypto portfolio. One of the advantages of mining is that it makes it more challenging for new investors to become victims of the temptation of gambling, panic, fear, or market manipulation. This suggests that mining is the best way to start investing in cryptocurrencies. Therefore, Eagle Network is set to make mining as easy as possible.

Eagle Mining Network

The Free Crypto Mining App

The Eagle Network mobile application give it users the ability to mine (receive) Eagle cryptocurrency free on a smart phone with just a click. User can now get the cryptocurrency every 24 hours on Android and iOS apps. The only requirement is to check into the app and click to activate the cloud mining process. There is no need of any special hardware like Bitcoin, or seting up master nodes like other cryptocurrency blockcahin project to get the coin/token. It is completely free for everyone worldwide.

 Whereas to mine Bitcoin, it requires more electricity annually than the whole of Argentina, as analysed by Cambridge University. "Mining" cryptocurrency is power-hungry, involving heavy computer calculations to verify transactions.

Cambridge researchers say it consumes around 121.36 terawatt-hours (TWh) a year - and is unlikely to fall unless the value of the currency slumps.

The first generation cyptocurrency Bitcoin is a huge success, but it is increasing mining difficulty is causing more and more power consumption which is not ECO-FRIENDLY.

As a result, new innovations are taking place which will provide faster transactions without the need of paying huge transaction charges and optimizing resource utilization. Binance Smart Chain is one of the new innovations improving on the mining protocol for a more friendly process.

Eagle Network is taking it further with a unique algorithm innovating what is presently available. Eagle Network is introducing a new Blockchain protocol called Elevated Proof of Stake (EPoS), which will increase speed of transactions, security and offer multiple applications which holders can use every day.

Eagle Network aims to provide FREE MINING to increase adoption rate of cryptocurrency all over the world. With the Eagle mining app, users receive mining rewards by contributing to the network.

Community growth and wide scale adoption decides the success of any project, thus Eagle Network is following the same path to maximize progress and use case.

The Eagle Vision

The naming of Eagle Network is inspired by the concept that Eagles fly high with their own kind.

We will associate with people of vision just like the Eagle, operating at same level high above others just like the Eagle. People willing to grow, and participate at the birth of a new digital currency as the world is about going through a paradigm shift in the ways we transact with one another.

Not everyone will share the same vision or dream. We find people who think the same so that we all can soar, dream and grow together with wings reaching all corners of the world.

Just like the Eagle has excellent vision and concentration, Eagle Network will focus with likewise intensity, and set out to leave foot prints in time.

The Eagle Network core team will set goals. Focus on one thing to accomplish at a time. Give it complete effort, time and energy. Spotlighting it and setting out to achieve it with record time.

The Mining Market

It is interesting that this whole industry founded on mass empowerment principles currently makes it so challenging for individuals to profit by sustaining it. Public mining services are indeed a very lucrative business that benefits from a lack of severe and wholesome competitiveness driven by product enhancements.

The Eagle Network team has carefully monitored and assessed the mining market for a while, and we have noticed the lack of flexibility and even a tendency for centralization of large-scale mining operations. If the principles that made us participate are based on new possibilities for independence, then the profits from doing the necessary work should be easier to access. 

While many big players are making huge profits, many potential contenders are often too disorganized, lack the relevant competencies, or are only after swift gains. Being determined, tech-savvy, and economically-minded makes a world of difference. Also, benefitting from economy-of-scale pricing and discounts impacts mining profits more than one would initially expect.  

Large mining operations are playing the massive corporation game, and if we all stand by and watch with nothing to do, this will be just one more branch of the heavy industry, just like the chemicals or plastics industries. We believe that efforts should be made in the spirit of decentralization to keep resulting profits easily accessible to anyone in any part and not shrouded in secrecy or trickled away through clever business tactics.

In today’s lightning-fast world of cryptocurrency mining, it should be easier to mine tokens in a cost-effective and energy-saving manner. At Eagle Network, we have realized that mining is by no means an impossible or overwhelming attempt. Therefore, we have developed an excellent opportunity to innovate and “re-decentralize” the mining process, alongside help as many people as possible across the world to profit from this process. 

Four significant options are present on the crypto mining market, and they include:

i) Using cloud mining: This mining is private in nature. It is intended for something called “private-party mining”.

ii) Hosting your miners at third-party facilities for hosting: This option is business-oriented. 

iii) Operating miners from home: The intention of this mining is also for private party mining due to the condition of operating the miners (from home). 

iv) The building of proprietary mining facilities: This mining is also intended for business purposes and income ownership. 

Options (i) and (iii) are projected for private party mining, while the remaining two are intended for businesses.

With the nature of home mining and facilities, Eagle Network has an alternative option directly linked to the operating miners from home option. We are introducing a mobile mining app. 


Market Problem

The crypto mining business model is highly reliant on the energy supply. The availability and price of electric power are the two most essential concerns for mining companies.

Generally, in the quest for the cheapest energy, many mining operations now operate in countries with low environmental and socio-economic criteria. This leads to cheap hoary electricity. There is an adverse effect of this affordable, “filthy” energy: mining cryptocurrencies significantly affects climate change. With the mass of mining operations being located within a small number of dominating countries, a higher tendency of the distributed ledger system becomes weakened, and the risk of manipulation increases.

Aside from that, miners have become susceptible to fluctuations in energy price as well as regulatory variations. The competitive edge of several companies in this region is based on some governments’ readiness to permit cryptocurrencies, make energy prices remain low, and sustain favorable regulations. That is, clearly, the business model of an industry in its beginning stages.

Eagle Network is a next-generation technology-driven business, which has been designed to solve the common problems faced in the market and industry.

The Eagle Network Platform

Eagle Network is the world’s most innovative next generation mobile mining solution provider. We are making it possible for anyone in any place around the world to mine with a mobile phone. Our solution is a low-cost energy system that thrives on blockchain technology.

At Eagle Network, we care about making life easier for people. This is why we are developing the mobile mining solution. With Eagle Network token, token holders can have access to some competitive benefits. We aim to provide token holders with accessible technology and the business of cryptocurrency mining. We believe in the success of this project as we truly decentralize mining profits and bring the whole idea of mining back full circle to its roots and core principles of mass empowerment and independence.  

Beyond The Mining App

From the genesis of the Android and Ios mining mobile app,   Eagle Network will kick start a mass exodus into the world of easy minting of digital currency right in smart phones, that will be more accessible and more understandable for the average person even though Eagle  will eventually utilizes a tried and tested blockchain (the same blockchain model as the 2nd largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization - Etheruem) it has been developed to have some unique features which make it far more accessible for the average person, breaking down the barriers to cryptocurrency entry.

The Eagle Network next mobile app will lets you manage your wallet and send or receive Eagle in a secure way. (Transfer will be activated from phase two) Mining Eagle from your phone installing the free Eagle app (Apple or Android) immediately gives the user the ability to start gaining Eagle in their wallet. All the time the app is live (even in background mode) it will be running the unique app based crypto mining experience, which requires ZERO technical knowledge. It takes up very little bandwidth, so doesn’t cost much to run on 3G or 4G data. We’ve made the token supply of Eagle relative to the numbers of users, to enable our app users to quickly gain some Eagle and start to understand its use. They will find the app interesting, recommend the app and send and receive Eagle easily with no technical ability.

The Eagle Network Token

Eagle Network tokens will be launched on the Eagle Network platform and entitle token holders to mine more tokens. An Eagle Network wallet and a detailed statistics dashboard will be available on the project website. New tokens will be issued through mobile mining. 

Eagle Network tokens will represent the bearer’s right to the mining reward share and do not represent any stake or voting rights in the company. We will make the token available on various exchanges to enable token holders to exchange Eagle Network tokens for other tokens.

Eagle Mining App Ecosystem


This is a user of the Eagle Network mobile app whose job is to confirm that he/she is basically not a “robot” daily. This user validates his/her presence every day as he/she must open the app every 24 hours to continue earning Eagle tokens for free. A Miner can make the base rate of 2 Eagle tokens per hour, which can be broken down to 1, 0.5, 0.25, 0.20, 0.15, 0.10, and 0 in line with the user base growth. By logging into the mobile app every 24 hours and clicking the mining button, users participate in the gamified mining experience. Unlike many mining platforms, there is no need for a vast amount of energy to mine Eagle tokens. We have simplified the method to make it possible on the smartphone. Anyone with a smartphone and the Eagle Network app can automatically earn an hourly mining rate by clicking the mining button. Each mining session automatically ends after 24 hours. Each miner is expected to open the app and click the mining button daily to keep earning.


This is a user of the Eagle Network who actively introduces other users to the Eagle Network platform. The value of the Eagle token increases as the community expands. This will be crucial for later updates of the mobile app where members engage in the transaction of goods and services with the earned Eagle tokens. A Keeper can refer new users to join his/her earning team. For each active member in a team, the Keeper will earn an extra 25% base rate as a recommendation bonus. If a Keeper has 10 members in his/her earning squad and all of them are actively mining, the Keeper will earn an extra 10 x 25% = 250% Eagle tokens of the base rate. This means that Keepers earn 25% of whatever their teammate mine every each day. Therefore, the key to making more Eagle tokens is to invite more new miners to join the mining team and remind them to log in daily for mining activation.


This is a user of the Eagle Network mobile app who contributes by building a network of miners he/she knows and trusts. The Eagle witness is tasked with creating a global trust graph. A Witness can add verified users in their earning squad to his/her security circle. When Eagle Network has developed a mainnet, there will be a KYC (Know Your Customer) process. It is essential that all members within a security circle pass the KYC process before they can trade Eagle tokens with other users’ goods and services via the Eagle Marketplace. 

Therefore, a Witness shall only verify pending members he/she knows and has enough trust to corroborate their authenticity and prevent any unethical or fraudulent activities on the platform. A witness can earn an extra 0.2 Eagle token multiplied by the number of verified people per hour to his/her base mining rate. If a Witness believes that any member in his/her network is no longer trustworthy, he/she can delist the suspected member through the “delist” option on the platform.


Delegates are high-level miners of the Eagle Network mobile app. They run the Eagle node software on their desktop or laptop computer. At the launch of the Eagle Network mainnet, the delegate role becomes active. There will be only a total of 210 Eagle Network Delegates tasked with securing the Eagle Network Blockchain nodes. The Eagle Network node software runs the core algorithm, taking into account the trust graph information provided by the Witness.

Although a user can perform more than one of the roles above, all roles are crucial. To motivate users to perform their roles, all roles will be rewarded with newly minted Eagle tokens daily. A “miner” is essentially a user who receives newly minted currency as a reward for mining efforts, and all four roles are acknowledged as Eagle Network miners.

Eagle Network Mining Rate

It is best to be a part of the Eagle Network mining experience as early as possible. This is because the mining of Eagle token is designed so that the early users can earn more tokens than others that come late. This is a general standard for many cryptocurrencies. The mining of Eagle token will start with 2 Eagles per hour, and each mining session lasts for 24 hours. This means users get to mine 48 Eagle each day they open the mobile app and click to activate the mining process. There will also be a referral reward for active miners who share the mining experience with others.  

0 – 50,000,  Miners earn 2 Eagle per hour = 48 Eagle a day

50,001 – 100,000, Miners earn 1 Eagle per hour = 24 Eagle a day

100,001– 1 Million, Miners earn 0.5 Eagle per hour = 12 Eagle a day

1m – 10m,  Miners earn 0.25 Eagle per hour = 6 Eagle a day

10m – 100m,  Miners earn 0.2 Eagle per hour = 4.8 Eagle a day

100m – 500m,  Miners earn 0.15 Eagle per hour = 3.6 Eagle a day

500m – 1b,  Miners earn 0.1 Eagle per hour = 2.4 Eagle a day

Other Mining Upgrades

Miners have the option to upgrade their base mining rates from the Eagle Network app

Miners can upgrade their base mining rates from the mobile app

  1. Nest – 2 Eagle per hour – Free for a year
  2. Eaglet – 3 Eagle per hour - $0.99 per year
  3. Eagle – 7 Eagle per hour - $1.99 per year
  4. Golden Eagle – 12 Eagle per hour - $2.99 for a year

This is to enable miners of the Eagle Network get the gamified user experience and earn more Eagle without taking on any active role. Funds generated would be used to secure and grow the network even more so and attain phase 3 much sooner. The upgrade offers gamification user engagement and participation is completely optional as you do not need to get an upgrade to mine. Eagle mining is free.

Paid Mining Outline

There is free mining. There is paid mining. You choose which works for you as the paid feature is completely optional according to your capacity for participation on the Eagle Network.

In blockchain platforms people interested set up mining rigs (paid) so they can mine crypto and participate more. This is so in proof of work (PoW) algorithm. An example is Bitcoin.

In proof of stake algorithm (PoS), people interested setup Masternode server so they can earn more as well. Exampls are Binance Smart Chain, and Tron Network.

Both types are paid project participation for those interested and they earn much more than early users who participated through crypto faucets. Both are paid action taken to support the blockchain project further.

Eagle Network is stimulating said protocol to sensitize members to take part in phase 3 which requires proof of stake (POS) algorithm. Eagle Network will be based on a new blockchain algorithm improving on PoS, which makes it way better than PoS or PoW.

Eagle Network blockchain type is Elevated Proof of Stake (EPoS), new protocol in blockchain system.

Why Eagle Network

Our platform is unique and has been made to ensure convenience for crypto users. Below are some of the benefits of using Eagle Network:


In a time when there are many hackers and online fraudsters, security is key. This is why we have built our platform with concern for utmost safety. This way, we can protect our users and sustain their trust.


Aside from security, there is also the need for speed. People want to be able to perform transactions at the speed of light. We understand this need and have designed our platform to ensure speed and faster transactions. The average time of confirmation for Eagle Network transactions is 5 seconds, one of the fastest ever.


By using the Eagle Network platform, you are assured of our throughput. Our platform is designed to process 1k transactions per second.

Efficient Economic Model

Since we want to ensure sustainability, we have developed an efficient economic model. Our economic model has been designed to help as many people as possible to benefit from the cryptocurrency market.


Our ongoing mission will be to upgrade and expand the platform as much as possible through the reinvestment fund and the influx of fresh capital from token sales. We want to be in a constant process of building, expanding, and updating our platform capabilities.

We plan to grow the Eagle Network platform exponentially over the years. This will allow us to bring the idea of further decentralization of mining ownership to a new level, with projects such as a new concept of competitive mining pool and miner management software.


•    Project Inception
•    Core Team Formation
•    Eagle Ecosystem Concept
•    Mobile Mining App Launch
•    iOS and Android Wallet App Design

•    Transfer Testing
•    KYC Compliance
•    Swap to EagleToken 
•    Crypto Wallet Launch
•    On-Chain Concept & Development

•    Staking
•    Liquidity Pool
•    Token Economy
•    Exchange Listing
•    Blockchain Development

•    Partnerships
•    Smart Contracts
•    Project Academy 
•    EgonCoin  Blockchain
•    Decentralized Applications

EgonCoin Blockchain

The EgonCoin Blockchain will be based on a unique proprietary protocol improving on the verified and tested popular algorithm proof of stake (PoS)

The EgonCoin Blockchain  offers innovation that provides entry level access into the world of decentralized applications, Blockchain, cryptocurrency, and P2P mobile wallet in a gamified user experience to participate, engage, and earn EgonCoin. The EgonCoin project intends to simplify the use case of Blockchain into everyday life of its pioneer users who understand that the world is going through a paradigm shift.

We are at the beginning of the start of the next phase in the upcoming evolution in peer to peer payment and transfer of value. The way we handle value is changing and EgonCoin is fostering the platform to participate in the simplest way possible and look forward with vision into the decentralized possibilities which blockchain brings. 

In simple terms for the users of EgonCoin and its proprietary decentralized applications, it will provide a cryptocurrency ecosystem that you can use on everyday activity on your smart phone. The first use case product from EgonCoin lab is a crypto wallet with some proprietary features which pioneers and users will find very useful. 

This is the first app coming out in the first half of 2021. See the EgonCoin project roadmap for an overview of the timeline and make sure to lock in your pioneer rights before the next stage.


We understand the importance of scarcity of supply

Eagle miners will use Eagle Tokens to stake and mine EgonCoin.  EgonCoin is the blockchain asset that comes up from phase 3 to phase 4. At the time of un-stake the pooled Eagle Token will be burned. EgonCoin will have a starting supply of 10 Billion.

EgonCoin team will setup planned burning of EgonCoin to further reduce the supply and add more value to holders who share the vision, and are supporting the development. Users will receive EgonCoin in phases, in a form of mining within the crypto wallet which further promotes the mining experience and engagement so as to prevent flooding at once, and acts as a stability feature as well.

The phase 1 of the mining will have a higher supply rate. Users can stake for long term to receive daily rewards.

This facilitates slow release of supply in the market and will support scarcity.


Eagle Network has been created as a platform that will revolutionize the cryptocurrency world. Everyone can tap into and benefit from the digital assets that Eagle Network has to offer. This platform is beneficial to traders, investors, miners, and many people looking for an alternative way to enter and earn from the cryptocurrency market.

Eagle Network is not just a coin, app, or cryptocurrency. The team is fully committed to helping anyone in the world to take advantage of blockchain and cryptocurrency. We are simplifying mining, making it possible with your mobile phone. We are developing the next-gen crypto ecosystem that would bring about great changes to the crypto market. 

If you want to be a key part of the future of cryptocurrency or explore the benefits of the Eagle Network, join the platform now and be a part of the next next-gen global mining ecosystem designed to transform the cryptocurrency market through a low-cost, energy-saving mobile mining solution,

By using and registering on the Eagle Mining Application you are in agreement to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Services.

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